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 Bart Squishmallow

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Bart is also a member of the Halloween Squishmallow collection. It is the cutest bat squishmallow you can find. 

Bart the bat is famous for flying up at night and discovering the stars and planets. He dreams of becoming an astronaut. Squishmallow Bart comes large and has wings that give him a mystic look.

But Bart is not scary at all. He has a cute face with two little teeth coming out of a smiley face. He’s extremely friendly with kids and loves toddlers.  

Main Features of Bart Squishmallow

Fluffiest Squishmallow Bat

Who would be scared of Bart the bat squishmallow when he’s the fluffiest bat you can find? Made from super-soft polyester and spandex, this is one of the softest plush toy bats you can find anywhere. 

Perfect Go-To Gift

Every kid will absolutely love Bart the bat Squishmallow because of its amazingly cute design and super-soft body. The fangs coming out of the red smile make this bat the perfect go-to gift for Halloween. 

Variety of Sizes

Squishmallow Bart is a perfect toy for kids and adults alike. It is available in a variety of sizes. So, you can purchase a small-sized model for kids and larger sizes for adults. 

Ideal Travel Buddy

When traveling on a long trip, Bart squishmallow makes an ideal travel companion. Kids can use it as a pillow for sleeping or cuddling.