Emily the Bat Squishmallow - 8 & 12 Inches

Emily the Bat Squishmallow - 8 & 12 Inches

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Emily the Bat Squishmallow is Bart’s younger sister and a prominent member of the Halloween squad. She’s an all-black squishmallow with a dark grey shade on her belly and ears. 

Your Halloween squishmallow collection is incomplete without bats, and when you are getting Bart, leaving Emily out doesn’t seem fair. 

Just like her brother, Emily is not scared of adventures. She loves to fly around in the night and explore the starry skies. She also wants to become an astronomer and discover new stars and planets. 

Squishmallow bats are the mandatory toys and decorations for Halloween. One can say Halloween itself is incomplete without bats. 

So, why not choose Emily, a plush toy you can gift to kids and adults alike? You can also use bat squishmallows for decoration around the house. 

Main Features of Bat Squishmallow

Perfect Décor for Halloween

Halloween is incomplete without bats. Get Emily and Bart together and place them anywhere in your home during the spooky season. They will grab the attention of anyone who looks in their direction. 

Ideal Go-to Gift

Emily is one of the cutest bat squishmallows in the Halloween squad. Kids would love to have it in their collection. So, why not surprise them by taking a bat squishmallow as a gift with you this Halloween?

Cuddle Partner

Bat squishmallows are also the softest and cutest of the squishmallow collection. They are made for long-term use, not just for Halloween. Your kids would love to make these bats their cuddle partners. 

Easier to Clean

Squishmallow bat is machine washable and dryable. So, you don’t have to worry about your kids making them dirty. You can clean them easily by washing them in machines. 

Other Variants

Emily the Bat squishmallow also has two other editions. You can get Emily in Pumpkin edition from 2021 in which Emily is coming out of an orange pumpkin. 

Emily in Pumpkin is a little bit different from Emily the Bat original. She doesn’t have any dark gray lining on her inner ears. The orange pumpkin has triangular eyes and three orange teeth in a black mouth that’s smiling. 

Another edition of bat squishmallow named Silver Emily was also released in 2021. Silver Emily is just like the original, except she has silver in place of a gray color.

Her inner ear lining, belly, and wings are silver in color. Silver looks good on Emily, just like the gray. 

So, if you are collecting the Halloween squad make sure to get all the editions to make your collection whole. 

Squishmallow bats are available in all sizes ranging from small to extra-large. They are a perfect go-to gift for kids. So, if you are planning on visiting someone this Halloween, you must take these cute little creatures with you. 

You can also use these toys in smaller sizes as decorations during Halloween. Having multiple of them around the house will set up the perfect spooky environment for the spooky season. 

Your Kids will Love Bat Squishmallows!

Bats are highly misunderstood creatures. Bat squishmallows are absolutely loved by the kids. They are perfect for snuggles and are made with the softest materials, so kids love to take them to bed. 

Kids can use these squishmallows as pillows or cuddle buddies for sleeping. Kids also love to take these toys along on travel and can use them as pillows to sleep in the car. 

Not just kids, adults also love to keep these snuggly toys around. They are perfect for a warm, cozy and soothing feeling. Emily the bat squishmallow is a perfect Halloween gift for this spooky season.