Bella Squishmallow

Bella Squishmallow

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Bella squishmallow is the lady spider of the Halloween collection. She’s a fortune teller who loves to do magic tricks. 

Bella the spider Squishmallow is what little girls absolutely love. No girl can be afraid of this spider squishmallow, not with its cute smile and 8 arms that are ready for a sweet hug. 

Lady Bella comes with a smile into your house and gives a warm and cozy feeling to anyone she hugs. She’s got a lot of tricks up her sleeve and her magic tricks are famous around the world.

Main Features of Bella Squishmallow

Super-soft Plush Toy

Made from super-soft polyester material, this cute squishmallow will just squeeze like a marshmallow in your hand. The super-soft quality makes them popular with kids.

Great Gift for Any Age

Bella is the girl’s favorite squishmallow, regardless of their age. You can get it in smaller sizes for your little princesses and the larger size for teenage daughters. 

Easily Washable and Dryable

Our squishmallows are easily washable and dry-able. So, you don’t have to worry about them getting dirty. Let your kids play with them in whatever way they want. 

Cuddly Fun

Halloween has never been more fun. Kids can take these adorable cuddly companions with them anywhere they want. Bella has 8 arms for hugging and cuddling.