Dante Squishmallow - 8 & 12 Inches

Dante Squishmallow - 8 & 12 Inches

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Dante is a red demon squishmallow that has come straight from hell to join you this Halloween. Just kidding? He’s just a rock star who loves to dress like the devil. 

Dante the Demon is part of a metal band and always travels around with them to explore the world. This is not a demon that would haunt your kids, but the one they are going to absolutely love this Halloween

He’s cute, he’s magical and he loves to mess around. With his devilish horns and wings, Dante gives off the vibe of a leader, destined to do great things in his life. 

Main Features of Dante Squishmallow

Perfect Spooky Design for Halloween

A bright red demon with wings, horns, and fangs. What more could you want this spooky season?

Decorative Piece

You can get these squishmallows in smaller sizes and use them as decorations around the house this Halloween. The bright red color is a perfect eye-catcher. 

Gift for All

Dante is loved by both kids and adults alike. The spooky devil comes in a variety of sizes and would make the perfect gift for kids and adults alike. 

Super Cozy and Huggable

Made from super-soft materials, Dante just loves the hugs. You can cuddle with this demon without being afraid of its fangs. They aren’t sharp at all.