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Ghost Squishmallow

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Ghost a.k.a Grace the Ghost is a white squishmallow from the Halloween collection who loves to scare people by jumping out of places. 

With a white wisp on the head, a cute ghost-like face, and a literal “Boo!” written on the body, the squishmallow would give sweet chills to anyone who comes across it. 

Grace absolutely loves scaring people but she has a kind heart. Her soft plush body makes her a good hugger too. So, she’ll scare you but she will also be there to hug you back to comfort you. 

Main Features of Ghost Squishmallow

Adorable Design

Ghost is one of the cutest spooky squishmallows you will ever see. A literal Boo written on her body makes her all the more adorable. She has cute eyes and a cute smile, along with a soft fluffy body. 

Variety of Sizes

Ghost squishmallow is available in a wide range of sizes. A perfect toy for both kids and décor this Halloween that everyone will fully adore. So, you can get in small sizes for decorations or different sizes for kids and adults. 

Gift for Everyone

Grace doesn’t just hang out with the kids but also with adults. If you have a habit of hugging your pillow to sleep or need a nighttime buddy, then Grace will accompany you. 

Perfect for Hugs 

Grace the Ghost loves hugs and cuddles from everyone. Made from super-soft and stretchy materials, this squishmallow can be hugged and squeezed just like a soft-feathered pillow. Kids absolutely love this toy. 


Being a white squishmallow, it is often perceived as a squishmallow that will easily get dirty. You have nothing to worry about. Simply put her in the washing machine and get her squeaky clean again.