Jack Skellington Squishmallow - 8 Inches

 Jack Skellington Squishmallow - 8 Inches

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Jack Skellington is the Pumpkin King, leader of The Nightmare Before Christmas x Squishmallow Collection, and a prime member of the Halloween squad that is based on Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas movie character.

He is an extremely tall skeleton who wears a black-pin striped suit with a bat bow tie. Legend says that Jack was the scariest of them all. Not only humans but other ghosts were also scared of him. 

However, Jack wasn’t harmful even in the legend. He was known for scaring everyone but he never harmed anyone. In the squishmallow version, he is even cuter. 

Though he keeps to the original character and wears a formal suit, Jack is a really sweet and friendly guy. He loves to hang around with other mallows and always keeps a smile on his face. 

Main Features of Jack Skellington Squishmallow

Rare Squishmallow

However, he is neither cheap nor common. You will have a tough time getting your hands on this squishmallow. He is one of the hottest-selling characters and goes out of stock as soon as he becomes available. 

Perfect Cuddle Partner

Jack Skellington gives a special vibe of authority, but how can one resist the temptation to cuddle and snuggle with a plush toy? Jack is also made like other squishmallows, which means he’s quite soft and huggable. 

Kids Love It!

Jack Skellington is the new favorite of the kids. Everyone wants to get their hands on this rare squishmallow. Hence, if you gift it to someone, they are going to absolutely love this squishmallow. 

Ideal Gift for Halloween

Jack is an ideal go-to gift this Halloween. He’s part of a new collection and a rare squishmallow. Almost everyone wants to get their hands on this squishmallow. So, why not surprise someone by gifting it to them?

Complete the Collection

Collect all the squishmallows in the series The Nightmare Before Christmas and put them together for a perfect Halloween vibe. They would definitely be incomplete without the Pumpkin King himself. 

About Jack Skellington

The Halloween collection is incomplete without Jack Skellington. You can’t have a kingdom without a king, so if you are a collector, you should definitely get your hands on this one. 

Jack Skellington is a white squishmallow and is the leader of all the ghosts on Halloween. He is respected by everyone and he loves his wife Sally and his dog Zero. 

His title of Pumpkin King is well-earned. He is known for scaring when there’s a need for scaring and being polite the rest of the time. He is the true king of Halloween. 

Jack also loves to hang around during Christmas and play with everyone. 

You must be wary of the Oogie Boogie squad when you have Jack. They are always plotting to overthrow him. However, they never succeeded, and you must make sure that they never do.