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Stix Squishmallow

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Stix is a black and white skeleton squishmallow from the Halloween collection. This spooky fellow is just what it is named, a skeleton. 

Stix is a storekeeper. He lives for the Halloween spirit and stays around for the whole year. His shop is filled with all the stuff necessary to make the spooky season even spookier. 

Squishmallow Stix is not like regular Halloween skeletons whose only purpose is to scare you on Halloween. He just wants to become friends with kids.

Main Features of Stix Squishmallow

Ideal for Halloween

Halloween is incomplete without skeletons. Stix is the perfect squishmallow for Halloween. A warm and cozy skeleton you can hug and cuddle with. Kids love it, Adults love it, and everyone loves it. 

Variety of Sizes

Squishmallow Stix is available in a wide range of sizes. You can get a smaller one for little kids and a larger one for adults. A perfect go-to gift this Halloween for all your family and friends. 

A Fine Decoration

This spooky squishmallow can also be used as a decorative piece. You can purchase multiple smaller pieces and decorate them around the house. They will surely grab the attention of every eye that looks in their direction. 

Perfect for Cuddling

Cozy and warm. The squishmallow is loved by children as their cuddle buddies. Kids love to take it with them to sleep. A super soft squishmallow designed for cuddles.