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Wade Squishmallow

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Wade aka Wade the Werewolf is one of the newest addition to the Select Series of Halloween collection which was added in October 2022. 

Squishmallow Wade is one of the cutest werewolves. Though he might seem a bit scary at first glance, other mallows who know him aren’t scared of him at all. He’s a lovely guy to hang around with. 

Wade is a big guy, which towers over other mallows. He loves to hang around with other squishmallows and join them in their adventures.

Main Features of Wade Squishmallow

Adorable Design

Wade is one of a kind. A new plush toy designed in the image of a werewolf. Let your kids have something new this Halloween, something they are gonna absolutely love throughout the year. 

Super-Soft Plush Toy

Wade is one of the softest and newest plush toys in the Halloween series. It is made from the softest materials which make it the perfect toy for hugs and cuddles. Your kids are gonna absolutely love them. 

Perfect Go-To Gift

Squishmallow Wade is considerably new. So, most probably most people haven’t seen it yet. That makes it a perfect gift for kids this Halloween. Make sure you take it along when you go visit someone.

Easily Washable

You don’t have to worry about Wade getting dirty. Although he has a bright color, Wade comes in a machine-washable design. So, he’s easier to clean. 

About Wade the Werewolf

Wade is a human turned into a wolf. He’s a sweet guy who loves to hang around with other mallows. Though he gives off a scary vibe, he’s not hostile at all. 

Wade is one of the newest additions to the Squishmallow world. He’s already on the top-selling list because of his unique features. Everyone is loving this new plush toy this spooky season. Get something new for your kids and they will love it.